“Bille is for a man who has come to define his own way of dressing over the course of his life”

Marius Lysholm,
Founder of Bille

Bille is an independent shirt brand based at St. Hanshaugen, Oslo, founded in 2021 by Marius Lysholm. The brand takes its cues from American preppy style, instantly recognisable European flair and modern Scandinavian simplicity. Bille shirts are designed to be lived in.

Bille, Norwegian for “beetle”, is the middle name of Lysholm’s son, and with the launch of the brand Lysholm wants to highlight the significance of relationships and connections between men. The Bille Oxford Shirt is an upgraded version of the shirt that one’s father might have worn, and designed with longevity in mind it makes the ideal gift from father to son, son to father, partner to partner or friend to friend.

On launching Bille, Lysholm says “I am making shirts for a style-conscious man of any age, any background and any profession. Quality and longevity in garments is important to me and I want to make shirts that help ‘long-term’ purchases seem even more appealing to a broad menswear demographic.”

The Bille Oxford Shirt has all the standard features that you would expect from a high-quality shirt. A great deal of time and attention has also been given to the proportions and ‘roll’ of the shirt’s button-down collar to achieve particular elegance. Each shirt also has a discreet and useful locker loop – a nod to the influence of American sportswear on shirt design.

The Bille Oxford Shirt is available in four colour ways.